Latest News

Unfortunately, the company has not taken off as we would have hoped and we re ceasing to sell via this website, effective immediately [or as soon as I can find the damn settings to reduce stock to zero].

          We’ll be leaving the website in place to allow gamers to see the gallery and how to pages, as well as download the freebie hex STLs.

          COVID and other things have played their part, preventing us from going to shows and displaying it in its element, but also personal tragedies and circumstances have got in the way of our going forward with this excellent range of products.

          We are presently selling bundles of our printed stock on eBay as terrain, Kallistra compatible for search purposes. Our seller names are Barkmann63 and Supta if you want to check us out.

          Prices are greatly reduced compared to the website.

          Sorry we could no longer sustain our drive and desire to put DiD’s hexes before you, but there’s still time to get hold of most of the stock.

          Happy gaming 🙂

Welcome to DiD Gaming

Producers of 3D printed 100mm hex terrain compatible with the world market leader.

Printed in PLA to our own designs, DiD hexes can either compliment your existing set-up, or be used to form the whole of your gaming area.

Designed for use with 20mm figures, but some prints will be compatible with other scales.

The only limit is your imagination.