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Welcome to Defence in Depth (DiD) Gaming, a new company launched on 12th December 2020.

DiD offers a large range of 3d printed modular hex terrain for your gaming needs, aimed mainly at the 20mm gamer but some items are compatible with larger and smaller scales. Ranges in the pipeline or shortly to be released can also be viewed on this site.

We can also be found on Facebook at ‘DiD Gaming’

A number of gaming companies experienced a server outage over the weekend as you may have discovered. Now all back up and running as 23/2/21. Happy shopping.

Welcome to DiD Gaming

Producers of 3D printed 100mm hex terrain compatible with the world market leader.

Printed in PLA to our own designs, DiD hexes can either compliment your existing set-up, or be used to form the whole of your gaming area.

Designed for use with 20mm figures, but some prints will be compatible with other scales.

The only limit is your imagination.