D.I.D. has been conceived by two friends who enjoy their hobby and seek to enhance the experience for all gamers who use a particular and very popular hex gaming system, no matter what size area they play on.

We game in 20mm, but these pieces can probably be used for other scales, such as 15mm or 28mm.

Many wargamers use a hex-based system for their hobby and there are some fine options available on the market.

One shortcoming that they all seem to have in common is the failure to properly exploit the depth in their products. It is our view that utilising this depth undoubtedly provides a superior visual effect and a better gaming experience.

Our chosen gaming system has simple hex shape that is 100mm from flat to flat and is 12mm deep, the same as the leading company in hex gaming, and we take up to 9mm of that depth to create more dimensions in our board gaming, creating varied terrain pieces that are wholly compatible with the authentic branded hex system,

We are just starting up as a company so will be offering only a limited portfolio of available items in the near term. There will be nine of our lines that are stock, with the rest available on demand, but we hope to expand and produce everything in our future range as soon as is practicable.

All the prints are purchased unaltered. They come as basic printed items without paint, flock, or other dressing. The finished pics are there so you can see what is easily achievable.

Accepting that wargamers come in all shapes, sizes, and standards, there are pieces that can simply be painted and/or flocked, and others that require a higher level of modelling know-how to present at their best.

We also hope to provide pictorial guidance to assist those that intend to start making more presentation terrain.

We intend to operate the company on the basis of retailing our items at the best value possible to our customers, and have set prices to maintain a low profit margin whilst making sufficient profit to make things worth our while. We pledge that any increases in price will only come about where postage, operating, equipment, and consumable costs increase.

D.I.D. hopes to eventually market a modest number of vehicles, mainly those that appeared in the best-selling Red Gambit series [ www.redgambitseries.com ], models that were constructed purely for the books and that would be useful to any gamers undertaking RG gaming.

For further details, please contact us via our website