DiD Gaming presently offers a bespoke service to try to ensure that you get everything you want from your gaming. To that end, please email us with your needs for specific hexes and our designer will have a look at the idea, let you know if it is possible, and supply you with a per unit cost if it is. NO minimum purchase required. Of course, any such items would then be included in our portfolio so that all gamers can purchase them.

By example, if you have a number of Blotz pillboxes and you want them properly set into a hex piece, we can look at your specific needs [ie want steps, a small wall, sunk to 3mm depth, need a path…Monty Python lovers will now go off at a tangent…], we would anticipate being able to satisfy such a need at a reasonable price and within our normal timescale.

You may have a favourite bridge that you wish to have properly set into an embankment or river piece. Give us the dimensions and a sketch of your needs and we can but try, although that would obviously be a bigger project for the designer.

We can also advise you on creating your gaming area and what pieces you might need. Because we offer such an extensive range of options, we don’t doubt that it might seem a little daunting. Tell us what you’re after and we will help you out as best we can. We would much rather you asked than be dissatisfied with your order because you didn’t get precisely what you want.

In future, we hope to provide a bespoke DiD gaming area service where you send us your design and we put together a discounted package that satisfies your full requirements. This service will comprise of solely DiD produced items, including blanks unless you choose to print our blanks having downloaded the STLs for free from our site unless you specifically wish to purchase compatible blanks from Kallistra or similar. Once we are in full swing we will establish this service and let you know.

As with all things DiD, our priority is your gaming experience and we will do all we can to satisfy your gaming needs.