Placing the right order…

We suggest that you create a hexagonal map of your gaming area to assist with your planning. Kallistra have some fine examples as free downloads. [Kallistra hex download page LINK ]

We have starter packs available at a discounted price and we hope that these can form the basis of your set-up. For those with 3D printers, we have included a full range of blank files as free downloads.

A clear advantage of DiD hexes is that they can be changed around for each new scenario, easily creating a different gaming area. Also, if you are using them to support your existing Kallistra hex terrain set-up, then they can be purchased in stages to suit your needs.

We feel that planning for a purely DiD set-up, certainly with your initial purchase, is a good idea. For example, if you’re planning a trench system, make sure you purchase sufficient end pieces. If a sunken road is needed, remember to buy the slope pieces that convert.

If you are having difficulty working out your precise needs, then do feel free to contact us and we will endeavour to assist you to get exactly what you need.

We sell direct from our website and purchasers will see two standards of items The first are for general sale and these are items that we will constantly produce and therefore will accept orders on whether we have them ready in stock or not. The second group we will only sell if we have created stock and availability will be listed when you order.

If you find that there are pieces not available that you desperately need, then contact us direct and we can discuss possibilities and time frames to suit both parties.

We do not offer a commitment on bespoke hex needs, but we will not necessarily rule out creating a hex to a gamer’s requirements. Obviously, designing a bespoke hex would come at an additional cost and we would reserve the right to insert any bespoke hex into our portfolio. If there is something that you would like that we do not do, then do feel free to email us and put your suggestion forward. We are governed by time and the skills of the designer.

We manufacture in two separate locations so your order may come in two or more shipments.

If you have made an error in your order, contact us as soon as possible to sort it out. It will be rare that we immediately send out an order so there should be a reasonable amount of time to change your submission.

You will see that many of our listings carry references such as 8-2 o’clock. For clarification, please see fig.1 for how the piece is oriented.