Talk to us…

We have no doubt there will be teething problems and issues as we start along this new path.

Please contact us directly if you experience anything less than a wholly satisfactory experience. for all matters not involving sales, from suggestions, bespoke requests, reporting problems with the site, to submitting photos of your DiD models and battles. for everything to do with your order, postage, packaging. or heaven forbid, complaints.

Or simply use the contact form. Please include your order number if you have one. Thank you.

You may well find that you cannot complete your full order as some items are out of stock.

In the first instance, we are set up solely to sell if items are available, and not allow back ordering, which may well cause issues.

Please do contact us if you find that is the case. If it is possible, we will produce the out of stock item as a priority and let you know when the new stock will be posted on the web site so you can make your full order in one visit. Clearly this will permit the avoidance of additional packages and postage costs.

Once we get settled we would hope ‘no stock’ will be a rarity, unless the demand for DiD exceeds our production capacity. In that case we will have to rethink strategy and overcome the issue.

If there is something you want that we do not yet do, drop either of us a line and we will look at any suggestion with an open mind. If we can, then the chances are that we will give it a go and discuss with you the basics and finances. Of course, if the idea is a good one, we may well insert any such item in our portfolio for the future.

Beware that the factors that limit us are the time a print takes and the size of our printers so the largest pieces we can do are roughly three hexes by three hexes. By example, EMB-028 is 59mm high and the printing of one of these takes over 24 hours, during which time we can print approximately 12-16 standard pieces. There are only so many hours in a day and our printers are running 24/7 as it is.

It’s good to talk, so feel free to get in touch with us for anything connected with DiD specifically or the  hobby in general.