Our models are all printed in 1.75mm PLA, using Creality printers. They are printed in two different locations, which is why you might receive your order in two or more parts.

Each print is inspected to ensure it is fit for purpose. On finer segments there may be a little overprint. There may also be small fissures in surfaces. Where these surfaces will be painted and/or flocked, the model will pass scrutiny.

Our models accept most types of paints. We apply a coat of emulsion to most of ours [Salisbury Stone No3 by Dulux].

Detail work is done with acrylics, enamels, or emulsion, and sometimes with fine marker pens.

Flock will adhere with PVA glue.

Hedges, walls, fences, and other items are attached using Hot Glue, PVA, Evostik, or Superglue, depending on the items.

Trees are placed in a drilled hole and glued in place.

Water effects on shallow streams are done with gloss paint, varnish, and special modeller’s water effect.

For deep streams, high quality epoxy resin is used to avoid the possibility of shrinkage when it dries. [Remember to prepare the stream/river bed first J ]. The ends are sealed off with foam strips that are PVA’d in place and then the joints painted with emulsion at the same time as the basic piece is painted. They are then removed by breaking and cutting. It may be necessary to sand the rough end.

As soon as we can do the work, there will be basic tutorials on the ‘out of the ordinary’ items.