Firstly, we would like to remind our customers that the prints are purchased unaltered. They come as basic printed items without paint, flock, or other dressing. The finished pics are there so you can see what is easily achievable.

Our models are all printed in 1.75mm PLA, using Creality printers.

In order to keep costs down, we print in a range of colours provided the filament is of high quality. We attempt to purchase filament from reliable suppliers and presently only purchase from UK and UAE manufacturers.

Each model is hollow, containing a triangular network of supports to maintain stability and integrity. This also means that they are light whilst being robust.

To date, we have seen no warping or distortion due to high or low temperatures.

Each print is inspected to ensure it is fit for purpose. On finer segments there may be a little overprint. There may also be small fissures in surfaces. Where these surfaces will be painted and/or flocked, the model will pass scrutiny. Occasionally there may be a slight lifting on a corner or edge. Where this does not affect the display quality and integrity of the piece, the model will pass scrutiny.

Because of the nature of the laying down process, it is advised that hexes checked before painting and dressing. The initial lay down ‘squidges’ the lower layer on to the printing plate and there can occasionally a small widening at the base. This is easily corrected by use of a craft knife or gentle sanding around the bottom edge before continuing with painting and flocking.

If intending to fill with resin or similar, we recommend using a sealer to ensure no leakage into the model itself. We have had total success by brush painting with either emulsion or PVA.

Hexes can easily be joined together using a good adhesive, permitting bespoke larger items to be made. We recommend that you build an area of hexes leaving a blank area into which you can place your glued item. This ensures it remains tight and will fit into your wargame set-up later.

We have also used blanks placed into a setup and then glued a non-compatible item to them. This allows you to remove the glued assembly and then blend in the non-compatible item to create an excellent visual display. For example, we are great lovers of the Raventhorpe buildings, which come on bases. Gluing them to blanks in a way that ensures the whole assembly can be lifted in and out of your setup allows you to blend the Raventhorpes into the battlefield.

Storage of finished articles can be achieved by simple but careful stacking or using our MDF storage rack system, which is suitable for single hex products in the main, and only those whose width does not exceed 14mm. However, creative storage can be achieved for larger pieces as the system can be mounted vertically and secured with screws [not supplied].

Our models will be delivered to your door suitably packed and protected in cardboard boxes.

All orders will be sent by Royal Mail 2nd Class signed for post unless otherwise required by the purchaser.

We manufacture in two separate locations so it is possible that your order might arrive in more than one consignment and on different dates. We will endeavour to advise you of this prior to receipt.

If there are any issues with damaged items, please email the team and attach appropriate photographs.

Thank you.