Kallistra have some fine examples of hex paper areas as free downloads. [Kallistra hex download page LINK ] Have a good look at their site whilst you’re there as they do an excellent range of hexes that can form the basis of your wargame set-up. They also do figures, terrain features, and many things that would compliment your wargames.

We have decided that we will offer our blank pieces both for sale and for free download of the DiD STL file. Those with 3D printers will be able to create their own blanks. For us, printing a blank is as much time and filament as most normal DiD hexes, but we understand that this is not necessarily cost effective for the purchaser and that they are probably better sourced from a supplier such as Kallistra.

Feel free to share our files with others. We simply ask that you point them in our direction.

We may add other free downloads as we grow as a business, so watch this space.