Clearly, we must first recommend Kallistra, the company that, in our opinion, produce the best hex terrain in the world.

All our pieces are designed to work with their Hexon system, our trench system being wholly compatible in style as it has the stepped edge that Kallistra use to define the hex shape. Subsequent DiD designs do not incorporate this feature but still blend in excellently with Kallistra items.

We would recommend that if you are starting out with hex gaming, you look no further than purchasing from Kallistra to form the majority of your board’s level ground. They do single hexes and six hexon boards at a very reasonable price. You can easily add more Kallistra or DiD pieces as you expand or desire difference.

Kallistra offer a locking system using concealed clips that mean the gamer doesn’t need a frame, as would be the case with DiD hexes. If using a combination then an external frame may well still be the best bet for a firm and non-moving wargame area.

The company also supplies the flock we use, and some resin bridges that are suitable for use with our river and stream pieces.

They include hills, trees, figures, and much much more on their site.

They are excellent to deal with and responsive to enquiries.

Visit them on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/KallistraLtd/  or, to order, go to https://www.kallistra.co.uk


Blotz Terrain are a company that specialises in laser cut MDF work, and specifically for the gamer, a range of MDF terrain buildings and features that are produced to an extremely exacting standard and quality in scales from 6mm to 28mm scale. They also retail craft items, historical board games, and many other interesting items.

They are geographical neighbours and quite the greatest pleasure to purchase from and deal with in general.

Blotz supply all our MDF items, which presently includes an array of flat and arched bridges, stands, and gates. We have no doubt that there will be more cooperation in the future.

They have accommodated our needs at every turn and we cannot recommend them highly enough for your MDF terrain needs, and much more too.

For latest updates and news try https://www.facebook.com/BlotzTerrain/ or to purchase and view their wares go to https://blotz.co.uk/


We quickly realised that a professional and efficient website would be beyond our skills. Again, Blotz came to our aid and put us in touch with Andy at Tradestands, who over the months has responded to our needs and put together this website, fulfilling our requirements to the letter.

So, if you need a website designing, running, and hosting, look no further than Tradestands.



We sometime wargame with units based upon those found in the eight part alternate history series ‘Red Gambit’, a large and complex work that deals with the events of a renewed conflict running from June 1945 through to its conclusion in 1947.

We hope to eventually produce some of the hybrid vehicles constructed by the soldiers of the French Foreign Legion’s German units to help the gamer approach RG combat.

The combat descriptions in the books are amongst the grittiest and most realistic available, and are not for the light hearted.

The book deals with all protagonists and the reader will find himself with a Soviet frontline unit as often as he will ride with US, Canadians, or British troops..

The framework on which the story is hung is one of espionage, scientific advance, deceit, political manoeuvring, and betrayal, all worked in with a series of horrendous battles that take place across the world and in the air and on the water as well as land.

Atlantisch is in its infancy with only one book available at the time of writing.

It will follow the formation of a volunteer unit of soldiers into the hell of the eastern Front from 1941 to the end in May 1945.

Books are all available from Amazon, search for Colin Gee.

Further information can be found at www.colingeeauthor.com or www.redgambitseries.com .