23/12/20 stock levels updated.

20-01-21 Additional items and stock added. Blotz Bridges now completed and will be added to website shortly, with grateful thanks to the Blotz team.

23/01/21 Bridge assembly added to how to and free download sections.

23/2/21 A number of gaming companies experienced a server outage over the weekend as you may have discovered. Now all back up and running. Happy shopping.

29/03/21 Latest news is that we will be reducing the range of ruins that link into trenches. We will only do pieces that have walls over the trench as buyers can easily remove excess wall if required. Also, we’re working hard to get the BLOTZ MDF bridges ready for sale.

29/6/21 After some delay, we have now added the ruins and MDF items to our shop proper, with new stock levels and some nice graphics. We’ll be adding a few more graphics throughout the shop as soon as possible. ‘How to… Ruins’ will soon follow. Have a great summer 🙂

5/7/21 Added first of the new additions to our highway. Alleyways that are of limited width [good for the lighter vehicles in town]. The rest of the range is coming soon. Added more stock plus the waterfall pieces for the high ground.